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July 22, 2006

London Visit- Part 2 Museum Visits

During our recent visit to London, my husband and I visited Museums while our grandchildren were busy with other activities. I really wanted to sketch/paint at least one page from each visit in my Travel Sketchbook, but needed to choose things to sketch very carefully - based on their complexity. My interests in textiles makes it natural for me to gravitate toward colors and designs so many of my sketches captured those passions. I chose some representative museum pages to upload here.

Tate Modern: We walked across the Millenium Bridge for our first ever visit to the Tate Modern. As we viewed the permanent exhibits, I was attracted to the brilliant colors of one strand of a hanging installation, a part of a Sonia Delaunay color block painting, a very small part of a Kandinsky painting and a Giacometti bust. It was our first full day in London and we decided to save the Kandinsky special exhibit to our next visit.

British Museum: The museum changed so much since our previous visits, but I was still attracted to the Elgin Marbles and specifically this horse's head. The upper right part of the page shows some mosaic designs that I loved in the Hellenistic Galleries. The wine bottle label is from the bottle that we shared enjoying the late afternoon "people-watching" in the outdoor Russell Square Park Cafe.

Victoria and Albert Musum: One of my long time favorite places in London! Unfortunately they are doing lots of renovations and the jewelry exhibit won't reopen until 2008. However, I found lots of designs that I loved in the Japanese galleries and was completely overwhelmed by a modern set of 100 silver cake slicers commissioned from the world's best silversmiths by a US Chemistry professor named Benton Seymore Rabinovitch. I only sketched the silver/blue cloisonnier fish from the collection, but could have spent all day in front of the exhibit cases. None of the quilts in the V&A collection were on open exhibit. I definitely need to invesitgate this before our next visit.

Royal Academy of Arts: There was a special Modigliani exhibit at the Royal Academy - 1 piece of sculpture and approximately 40 of his paintings. His 3rd mistress, Jeanne Hebuterne, was the model for many of his last paintings and she watched over him as he died of TB meningitis in his 30s.

July 18, 2006

EDM Callenge #76: London Flowers

LondonFlowers.size.jpg Hibiscus.size.jpg

We took a long walk through Belgravia on our last day in London and I sketched the huge basket of flowers that hangs from every light pole in these areas of London and one Hibiscus flower that was blooming in front of a terrace house.  In spite of higher than normal temperatures, these baskets always looked fresh and beautiful. 

London July 2006 - Part 1

We've returned from our wonderful London visit and this morning I scanned some of the sketches that I did of buildings.  These include:  the house that my daughter's family is renting, clouds overhead after a rainy day with details of their balcony, my 3 year old grandson's nursery school, Greene & Stone arts supply store, and Osborne & Little's windows.  All of these places are on or near King's Road in Chelsea.







This was a full family vacation and for much of the time I was with one or both of my grandchildren - ages 'just 3 and 19 months.  I carried my supplies with me and tried to make very quick sketches and then added watercolor washes - both from memory of the colors and occasional photos taken immediately before.  The clouds (EDM Challenge #74) need a little tweaking after scanning, but I have no time at the moment to do it.

The journal was a linen watercolor by Cachet (7 x 10" spiral bound).  I used Pigma Micron pens, Niji waterbrushes (small and medium) and a Daler-Rowney travel watercolor set.  Since my goal when I started sketching recently was to be able to keep an illustrated travel journal, I am pleased with my progress.  I purchased Graham Byfield's "London Sketchbook: A City Observed" before we went and realized very quickly that wonderful watercolor paintings of major London sites probably take days and days en plein!  I love looking at his magnificent book, but can't imagine creating it.

July 4, 2006

Holiday in London

We are enjoying a holiday in London with our two oldest grandchildren, age 3 and 18 months.  Although I am sketching more, and finally using one of my nicest watercolor journals, I don't have access to a scanner.  All of my sketches are 5-10 minute quickies as we travel around the neighborhood and the city.  Today I quickly sketched a huge triceratops skeleton head as my husband and grandson toured the remaining dinosaur exhibit.  If I can also photograph my subject, I can paint it later when time permits.  I may try to upload digital photos of my sketchbook so I have some memories of these wonderful days. 

May 26, 2006

Journal Sketchbook Entry


I'm still completing one sketch per day (usually pen with watercolor wash) in 2006.  This week the sketches all were inspired by my two oldest grandchildren (ages 2 1/2 and 16 months) as they prepared to move to London for at least one year.  Last night I did this sketch as they were boarding their overnight flight, and at 5AM I got up to check for their email that they "landed and were leaving the airport" to go to their new home. 

October in London is a month-long celebration of drawing at multiple venues and I will definitely be there to enjoy it!  



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