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December 20, 2016

Acrylic Painting at Fashion Institute of Technology

My acrylic painting class at FIT ended last night, and I did 3 paintings during the Fall semester.   I posted my "still life" painting in October -

Our second painting was a figure drawing of a partially nude model.  I wasn't happy with this painting, and haven't posted it here before. 


Our third painting was from our imagination and this was more enjoyable.  During the summer I spend a lot of time in Lower Manhattan, from the 9/11 Memorial region south to Battery Park with the Seaglass Carousel, Pier A, and Wagner Park and South Cove in Battery Park City.  As I looked through my photos from this summer, I decided to use this photo as a base for my composition, and then to add my prior paintings of Pier A, the Nautilus-shaped Seaglass Carousel, and the many flowers blooming weekly in Wagner Park.  This is the Freedom Tower (WTC1) and the office building on Greenwich Street.



I wanted the painting to be a wonky collage of the elements from my summer experience, and this was the result. 


Acrylic paint will never replace watercolor in my heart - and for most of the paintings that I do.  But after two semesters using acrylic paint, I have gained enough experience that I can play with it again. 

November 28, 2016

A Portrait of our FIT Class Model

Last week was a blur of food shopping, cooking, cleaning up, fixing leftovers, and lots of time with wonderful family and friends.  I literally didn't think about a blog post until I was awakened at 4:10 this morning by someone who called the wrong number from California. 

I was finished with my figure painting in my FIT class last week and spent the session doing a "portrait" of the model. 



My painting is still in the FIT Studio for our critique session tonight, so I haven't photographed it.  I'm not thrilled with the painting, but I am achieving my goal of learning how to better use acrylic paints.  I still love pen, ink, and watercolor sketchbook art, but I believe it is a good idea to shake up my brain on a regular basis, and my two acrylic painting classes have done that.


October 28, 2016

An Acrylic Still Life Painting

I am taking another acrylic painting class at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) this Fall.  Last semester we painted abstracts.  This semester we paint a still life and live models.  This is the 20 X 24" still life I did from one of the professor's 4 set-ups.  Because of our vacation, I only spent two evenings, not 4, working on it.  But I tend to be impatient, so I'm not sure that I could have worked on it for two more evenings.


I still prefer working small in my sketchbooks, with pen, ink, and watercolor.  But it is always fun to learn something new.  


September 27, 2016

Painting Class at FIT

I am taking a painting class at FIT this semester - using either oil or acrylic.  After using acrylic for the first time last semester, I was happy to get more experience with it now.  In my first week, I selected a still life from among 4 that our professor set up, sketched it on the 18 X 24" canvas, and then painted it in monochromatic colors.  I used raw umber mixed with a little yellow ochre. 


During the rest of the class, we added color over the underpainting. 


Last evening was week 2 on this painting, and I spent my time repainting the flower on the right, and then continued to add paint/color to the background.  I still don't have a feel for acrylic paints, but hopefully I will end this semester with more skills.




May 20, 2016

Monotypes, Ducks, and A Cow

I went to my second Monotype session this week at MoMA and made 3 prints - but only uploaded two here - another ballerina and another Axel print.




Weekday NYC Urban Sketchers met in Rockefeller Park in Battery Park City this week, and I was completely mesmerized by ducks.  When I arrived I watched a male swimming all over the pond behind a female and a total of 7 ducklings that were scattered and having fun.  I sketched them quickly and spent the next hour watching them to determine their coloration.  I can't describe how much pleasure I got from sitting in the sun, watching and photographing them.  Midway through the hour 3 gangster males arrived and fights began.  But the original male kept them away from his family.  It was very noisy! 







I quickly sketched one of Dubuffet's four large LaVache paintings when at his exhibit at Acquavella Gallery on the Upper Eastside.  My goal was to paint it with my acrylic paints before putting them away after my abstract painting class ended.  The painting is on a watercolor postcard. 


Monotypes, Pen Drawing with Watercolor Wash, and an Acrylic Painting - I think I need to focus! 

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