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February 21, 2020

Artist Will Barnet at Alexandre Gallery

I first learned about artist Will Barnet in 2011 when The National Academy Museum in NYC had a 100 year retrospective for him.  He was able to attend the opening and visited it several more times, dying at 101 in Nov 2012.  I loved his stylistic, flat paintings and know his work through that exhibit, a second one in the same Museum in 2015, and two gallery shows at Alexandre Gallery at 724 5th Avenue (Current exhibit closing March 7th).  I sketched and painted only one corner of his painting called Three Generations to remember my visit to the exhibit. 



At one of the Museum shows I learned that he used vellum to sketch on, and used additional layers of vellum to further simplify the images in sequence. I always meant to try that, but forgot about it over the recent years.

In the gallery exhibit they had several examples of his vellum drawings, side-by-side with the finished painting.  I loved the way that his wife Elena became a painting in the painting, and his arm went around her and into the painting.   



February 19, 2020

Quick Sidewalk Sketches

Random people sketched in front of the Plaza Hotel:

I was waiting in front of the hotel and these two people stopped just long enough for me to do a quick sketch using an Albrecht Durer watercolor pencil.  Water was added later to spread the color.  I carry one of these pencils in my small purse with some blank index cards which makes it easier to not attract attention.


February 15, 2020

Subway Quick Sketch - Feb 11th

I've been out of commission for several weeks with a flareup of back pain, and not much of my planned Figuary Drawing was done.  Instead I've been catching up with reading while stretching out on a heating pad.  On my way to the Courthouse to appear for my Grand Jury summons, I sketched this wonderful looking subway passenger - who fell asleep right after I sketched him.  Hopefully next week I'll be back to my usual self.

I sketched him with an Albrecht Durer watercolor pencil and then spread the color a little with water after the original drawing was scanned. 


February 11, 2020

Juilliard Concert and Grand Jury Summons

Concert Evening:  My husband and I went to a wonderful Juilliard Concert last evening.  The Historical Presentation Graduate Students ( Juilliard 415) and the Juilliard Orchestra, performed on the same stage for the first time.  We love to go to the Classical and Jazz Concerts performed at Juilliard and the ticket prices are terrific.  I quickly sketched the conductor Nicholas McGegan, who was the most active conductor I've ever seen, and several musicians close to him. 



Grand Jury Summons : Two weeks ago I received a summons for the Manhattan Grand Jury.  If selected you meet either every day for 2 weeks or half days for one month.  I thought for sure that I was over the age limit, only to learn that they have no age limit, and in fact my year of birth was printed on the summons.  They were seating 2 Grand Juries (46 jurors total) and jurors are selected randomly by cards pulled from a drum.  For the second time in the last decade I was not one of the randomly selected jurors - making me especially happy because I currently have a flare of low back pain.  This young woman sitting next to me was selected after I sketched her.



February 7, 2020

More Paris Sketchbook Pages: October 24

I am very slow getting sketchbook pages posted from our Fall Paris Vacation.  I love Degas, and as my husband and friends were going through the D'Orsay, I stopped at the Degas sculptures - and sketched.  The patina on this wonderful sculpture was very unusual, and I'm not sure that I captured it in paint.  


I vividly remember loving his sculptures of dancers at the Metropolitan Museum of Art when I was a college student, in part because most of my life I have taken dance classes and in college was a member of the dance group 


After the D'Orsay we walked along the Blvd San Michel to Luxembourg Gardens and the Sorbonne.  A wonderful day! 


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