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July 28, 2017

Sketching With Grandchildren - July 2017

Annabelle is visiting us in NYC for 10 days, and her Manhattan cousin Zachary joins us for some of the adventures. 

Tuesday:  Walking to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with their backpacks containing art supplies.  They loved walking through the Greek and Roman sculpture hall in the Met, on the way to the Egyptian wing to see William the Blue Hippo - mascot of the Met.  They were very interested in the Egyptian Wing and Annabelle wanted to see one sphinx, and actually saw many.   


Sitting facing the Temple of Dendur for a quick sketch.


I sketched with them, and added all of our entrance stickers to the page.


We went up to the Roof Garden to see the current summer art exhibit, and neither of them even realized there was an open roof top exhibit area on the museum.    The City Skyline, looking south to midtown is impressive.  After the Roof Garden we had lunch, went to look at the Fish in the Astor Court, and then ended the day in the Nolen Library so they could explore the children's computer terminals.


Thursday:  Annabelle wanted to paint today before we went to buy new art supplies.


She painted a red fox to take home to her best friend.




July 25, 2017

More This and That

Larson's Fish Store in Menemsha, Martha's Vineyard:  Terrific tuna for dinner!


Figure Drawing:  Regina in a Venetian Mask  This was a 20 minute pose, with one of the more common masks we saw in Venice weeks before.


Mail Art for Henry, Sydney, and Callum - Summer Camp Letters.  These drawings were inspired by camp photos which I can see online.  Henry was being pulled on a tube behind a motor boat.  Sydney had braids for the Camp talent show.  Callum was photographed playing tennis. 


July 21, 2017

This and That From Early July

I have several sketchbook pages that I did before our recent trip tp Martha's Vineyard - and just finished painting them since our return.  Each week I arrive at Wagner Park in Battery Park City during the final minutes of the morning art session, and draw the newest flowers in bloom.  I love spending time painting them, so I wait until I'm home and have a variety of brushes, and some quiet time.  This page is from early July.


Later that week we met our oldest son, his wife, and 3 boys in Riverside Park on one the hottest days of early July.  One grandson was shooting baskets with our son.  One grandson was asked to join a softball game with neighborhood kids.  And the youngest in the family was sound asleep in his stroller.  It was too hot to move, so as I sat on a blanket in the grass, I sketched what was in front of me! 


July 18, 2017

Deliberate Practice: Drawing Hands and a Foot

 I like figure drawing, and when there are live models, I try to draw hands, and sometimes feet on the longer poses (10, 20 minute poses).  But I need to continue to draw both hands and feet from photographs, and save photos from magazine advertisements for that purpose.  I have one sketchbook devoted to these deliberate practice drawings, and these are 3 that I did so far this summer.



I search for photos of hands holding smart phones, and here is one with these other drawings.



I like to draw hands in normal positions - but I liked this hand holding a hat too.

3. FaceHatHandSIZE.jpg 

July 14, 2017

Another Month, Another Beach

We are visiting friends in Martha's Vineyard for a few days, and enjoy the contrast between the Hamptons and Vineyard beaches.  It was very misty for our first beach walk, and quite beautiful.


I haven't done a sketch at the airport in many years, but we had lots of time before our flight and I had a good window seat in the gate area.  It is a 30 min flight from JFK airport, and when the weather is nice it is fun to watch the geography below.



My friend is an art historian and they have amazing ethnic art in their summer home.  I couldn't resist this really neat African sculpture, and wanted to see how to sketch the attached shells.




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