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January - Mixing Blues

This week I started a new semester at Fashion Institute of Technology and I'm taking a studio class called Watercolor Comps from the Illustration Department.  The supply list for the class includes 15 colors of watercolor paint, preferably artist grade.  This made me remember my early days learning how to use watercolors - and only having two primary color Winsor-Newton triads. 

Cool: Permanent Alizarin Crimson, French Ultramarine Blue, Winsor Lemon

Warm: Cadmium Red, Winsor Blue, Cadmium Yellow Medium

Since then I replaced Cad Yellow Medium with New Gamboge and Cad red with Scarlet Lake to get more transparency.  

To learn how to mix colors using these two triads, I sketched objects in my apartment and tried to duplicate the colors for 6 months.  These are from January 2006, my Blue Month.   









Hi Shirley! These are neat!! I too just bought a few tubes of WN ... I have their Cotman pans ... how are you liking the tubes? I'm not sure the tubes are as vivid as I thought they would be.

Shirley, what lovely pages! I'm glad you're enjoying your color studies--I certainly enjoyed mine and found them extremely helpful.

Very nicely done. You've handled your color project very well. Something to think about, that's for sure. Hope to see your February sketches. Now that March is coming up, what color--possibly green?

Beautiful sketches! I am also learning about watercolor and you and Laura are such an inspiration. Thanks!

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