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October 30, 2015

Figure Al Fresco at Battery Park City

I attended a figure drawing session at Battery Park City when I returned from vacation..  This weekly free program runs from May 1-October 31, weather permitting.  These are drawings from my last session, when it was cool enough that we moved down to the edge of the water to be in the sun. 

This is a photo of part of the group in the Battery Park South Cove,  The second photo shows the view over my shoulder, with the constant sound of water lapping under my bench. 




I am using one large sheet of watercolor paper for each of these series of drawings.  I sketch with a soluble graphite pencil and then add water with a waterbrush for shading.  Most of these were 10-20 minute poses. 





October 27, 2015

Vacation in Spain - Part 3

I did occasionally sit down to sketch and paint while in Spain - while listening to music, sipping coffee, watching Flamingo dancers, or drinking a glass of wine.  The sites weren't pre-selected and all but once, my husband was with me as we talked and enjoyed our vacation.


I walked to Plaza Santa Ana one sunny afternoon while my husband went to the gym.  There was a place to sit in a central area among outdoor cafes, each with their own musicians that alternated playing.  The Teatro Espanol was at one end of the Plaza and I sat there enjoying my surroundings while drawing and painting.


My husband and I took a long walk our last day in Madrid, and stopped for a mid-morning cup of coffee.  I was facing several apartments around the Plaza San Andreas, and I loved the combination of colors and the sun vs shade. 



Seville:  We had dinner in our small hotel dining room the day we arrived, and less than a dozen of us watched a pair of Flamenco dancers, a guitarist, and a singer.  The flamenco dancers moved too quickly to sketch, so I drew one of the repeated poses of the guitarist.




We spent one entire day looking at Antoni Gaudi buildings: Sagrada Familia, Guadi's home and museum at Parc Guell, and Casa Batllo several blocks from our hotel.  After walking around the exterior and interior of Sagrada Familia, I set up front, in the nave, and sketched the ceiling above the altar while listening to someone, somewhere sing Ave Maria. 



We stopped for a glass of wine in a gorgeous plaza, after visiting the Picasso Museum.  While there, a well-known elderly Flamenco Dancer stopped right in front of us, so he and the students made it into my painting.




October 23, 2015

Vacation in Spain - Part 2

Before we left for Spain, I put 2 X 2" squares on several sketchbook pages, so I could add one image that stood out in my mind each day.  Here are the 3 grid pages that are now completed.




I also prepared pages to record activities for each day, which always is appreciated when I'm trying to remembers restaurants and other places.  



October 20, 2015

Vacation in Spain

We just returned from 12 days in Madrid, Seville, and Barcelona.  It was hard to find time to sit down to do a quick sketch as we traveled, so some of my time I carried an open sketchbook and sketched our walking tour guides, and an interesting roofline or something to remind me of the places.  Each tour (except Santa Cruz in Seville)  is about 3 hours and 2-3 miles.  The Santa Cruz tour was as long as the others, but that area which is very old is very small with winding alleys.  I have 5 of these journal pages, one with a watercolor wash, and 4 without.  Since this is "Inktober Month" I may leave them unpainted.

Walking Tour of Madrid - from Plaza Mayor, through old Madrid and then up to the Palacio Real, Cathedral Almudena, and Opera.


Seville Walking Tour of Barrio de Santa Cruz -  the tiny old section that was occupied by the Muslims and Jews from at least the 8th C until 1492 when Ferdinand and Isabella expelled all non-Catholics from Spain. 


Walking Tour - Highlights of Seville:  This tour began at the Seville Cathedral, then extended to the Real Alcazar, the Archives of the Indies, the Harbor, the Bullring, and the Spanish Pavillion. 



Granada:  We took a day trip from Seville to Granada to see The Alhambra - lots of hours on a bus, but worth it. 



Barcelona - We loved the city, but had a very disappointing tour guide.  We've done these walking tours with many companies in many cities, and this was the only one that we left before the end, partly because it started to rain!



We were traveling with another couple, friends for 45+ years.  Only my husband was in Spain previously and then only in Madrid for a few days for a meeting.  So glad we finally saw these 3 big cities, and hopefully we will return to Barcelona to explore this amazing city in the future. 

October 16, 2015

Fashion Illustration at the National Arts Club

Several weeks ago I went to a Fashion Illustration session organized by Simon Levinson at the National Arts Club on Gramercy Park.  Simon is the leader of the Meetup Group called Drawing New York.   I had no idea what to expect, but it was great fun.  Figure Al Fresco prepared me for drawing clothed figures, but not the exaggerated proportions of fashion illustrations.  It was fun to see the stylized drawings of some of the experts. 

Here are the main models, certainly part of a time warp.  These photos came from the event website.





The first pose was 10 minutes, the next 4 were 15 minutes, and the last one was 10 minutes.  I sketched on paper that was too large to scan, so these were photographs.










A beautiful blond woman, that was dressed looking like a man in the clothes she wore.  But the shoes are gender specific. 




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