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July 14, 2015

Sunday Morning at the Toy Boat Pond with 3 Sketching Grandsons

Our oldest son's 3 boys spent the weekend with us, and we all went to the Toy Boat Pond.  They wanted to bring their sketchbooks and a variety of crayons and markers, and we all sketched while Grandpa read the newspaper while drinking his coffee.


I always remember the instruction "just paint what you can see," so I painted the Le Pain Quotidien Snack Bar. 


After sketching, we walked around the pond to the Hans Christian Anderson statue which is the site for Story Book reading for children in the Park.  You can see the Patio Café where we sketched on the far side of the pond.  All children LOVE the Ugly Duckling!



A photo taken by my husband of all of us - Charlie, Zach, an adoring Grandma, and Robbie: 


July 10, 2015

Boat Pond and Flowers

We love to go the Conservatory Water Café in Central Park on weekend mornings.  It is possible to linger over coffee while drawing, reading, and listening to nearby conversations.  And the view over the boat pond is terrific.  When we arrived last week there were ducks in the pond and a cormorant who was taking deep dives as he swam the length of the pond.



To us, it is always referred to as the Boat Pond, because of the remote control sailboats that can be rented.  Aficianados also race their boats on Saturday mornings, just as the Storytelling session across the pond at the Hans Christian Anderson sculpture begins.



Boat Rental:  Last weekend I sketched the lady in charge of boat rentals as she was checking her phone while waiting for customers for the rental boats and the T-shirts for sale.



There were lots of flowers blooming around the café, and lots of bees on all of them.  I sketched the day lily and then painted it back at our table, trying to capture the brilliant yellow and orange coloration. 


This week I also finally had time to paint the Beach Pickly Rose from photos I took at our June beach vacations.



July 7, 2015

100 Day Project

Only 8 more days in the online 100 Day Project (https://thegreatdiscontent.com/100days), and although I draw other things from my imagination for this Challenge", Axel is my favorite subject.  His character developed during a "drawing with a child" homework assignment in Jonathan Twingley's week of Sketchbook Skool, and I've surprised myself that I am enjoying this pure fantasy drawing so much.  There are days when I feel as if my imagination is totally empty and then I start thinking about Axel and a drawing emerges.  Here are the most recent 4.  My oldest son's 3 boys are spending the night with us this weekend, and I think Zach and I should begin to create Axel's story, since it was Zach who did the drawing I combined with mine when Axel first appeared. 

Where Did That Man Go?


Can She Be My Friend? 


A Taste of Coffee:  What Does It Taste Like?


Makes a Good Slide!



July 3, 2015

The Extremes in Figure Drawing

I am back to figure drawing and my last two models represent the extremes in body type.

Rebecca, a model at Battery Park outdoor drawing, is extremely thin and has very long arms and legs.  Tangerine, the model at Society of Illustrators, is massively obese.  I've drawn both of them before, but rarely so close together.

There are two 5 minute poses and a 20 minute pose of Rebecca and a 10 and 20 minute pose of Tangerine.  I sketched them with a General Sketch and Wash pencil and shading was done with my waterbrush and clear water.









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