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May 31, 2013

Beach Week 2013

We are at the beach again for our annual visit with friends.  Each morning we take a 2 mile walk on the beach, collecting shells etc as we go.  Depending on our schedule, we may stay on the beach for coffee and by then there are other people arriving.  These are the sketchbook pages that I completed since our arrival.  They were photographed, not scanned, and I can't "whiten" the background of the background of the pages.






May 27, 2013

May Bookbinding Project

This year I am exploring a new book structure each month.  So far I've made coptic, long stitch, flag, and accordion books.  My May bookbinding structure was s portfolio.  I had some loose drawings/paintings that I wanted to put in a portfolio for safe keeping, so I chose to make it 8 X 10.5 " to fit these papers.  I used the basic instructions from Alisa Golden's book Making Handmade Books: 100+ Bindings Structures Forms.


The cover and end papers were made from paste papers originally made in a workshop at Center for Book Arts here in New York City.  The spine was made from Tex Libris book cloth.   





May 24, 2013

Recent Figure Drawing Practice

I still practice drawing hands and feet and here are some of the recent pages I did. Some are from photos and others from observing my feet!






May 21, 2013

Family Wedding

This is my only sketch from an entire 3 day weekend!  But I have a great excuse!  Our Family went to Philadelphia this past weekend for a very special wedding.  


Even though the groom is the grandson of my husband's first cousin, they are the family who we spend major holidays with, including all Thanksgivings since 1989!  The wedding couple both graduated from medical school on Friday afternoon and that evening was the start of a weekend full of celebratory activities.  Ari will begin his internship in Internal Medicine at the University of Chicago next month - the program that I trained at beginning in 1969!


Our children were there and we took advantage of the occasion to get a family photo.  It is rare to have everyone together without our grandchildren, and dressed up.  They are very close to the groom and his older brother - and we adore both of their wives.  And, both families were thrilled - making it a joyous event. 


Only one of our grandchildren was there, and my husband and I took care of him Saturday AM.  Since they live in DC, this was a fabulous babysitting gig for us!  Here is William gazing at his giant new giraffe. 


May 17, 2013

Charlie and Paul Klee

I finished painting the sketchbook page I did in honor of Charlie's 3 day visit.  More details are in the previous blog post.


Today I walked to 3 galleries to see their current exhibits and quickly sketched a few details from one of Paul Klee's Bauhaus prints.  The lady in profile captured my attention as soon as I saw the print and I had to return to sketch her quickly with my dreaded Pentel Pocket Brush Pen!  The print was from 1925 and it was in one of 3 exhibits that I really enjoyed. 


These were the exhibits - all within 10 blocks of each other on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan: 

Paul Klee - The Bauhaus Years at the Dickinson Gallery. 19 E. 66th St from May 3-June 14, 2013

Munch and German Expressionism  at David Tunick, Inc. 19 E. 66th St. from May 7 - May 20, 2013

George Grosz (Watercolor Paintings) at Soufer Gallery.  1015 Madison Ave from April 23- June 14, 2013.

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