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December 30, 2009

Figure Drawing at the Society of Illustrators

I went to Figure Drawing last night, in spite of the incredible cold in the City.  We had two models during the entire time, one of whom wore an elaborate head dress with devil horns and 3 large silk flowers.  I'm posting a few of the 19 sketches I made - all were done in graphite in a 9 X 12" sketchbook. 

This is one of 10 two minute sketches: 


These are 3 of the 4 Five Minute Sketches:




This is one of 2 ten minute sketches:


You can probably tell that I was sitting in a place where I couldn't see the models' feet.  But my skills sketching hands and feet are so weak, that is OK with me for the moment.  I'm still concentrating on drawing the basic position - head, shoulders, and hips. 

 There were 3 twenty minute poses - but I don't like my drawings as much as the shorter, less overworked poses.  I just purchased a new figure drawing sketchbook that will take water media and may try to draw with a watercolor pencil and then add water for shading during the 20 minute sketches in the future. 



Christmas Creativity 2009

I always sew ornaments and presents for Christmas - but actually made fewer things than last year.  How could I be busier in retirement than when working?  Not pictured here is Annabelle's cotton velveteen quilt, which is now a family tradition - one for each grandchild on their 2nd Christmas.  My blog name, Paper and Threads, reminds me that textiles are an important part of my life and I try to periodically post the other half of ME!

A Mixed-Media Ornament for my Children's Christmas trees:  Created with paper, fabric, and fabric paints.



Giraffes for my 4 grandsons:  I dye painted unbleached muslin to make the giraffe skin and then made the ornaments.


Peacocks for my two grand daughters (and of course me!):  I knew Sydney would love the Swarovski crystals on each tail feather! 


Zach's Stocking:  Each new grandchild needs a stocking for Grandma to fill for Christmas Eve.


Zach's Gift Bag - for all of the bigger gifts from Grandma and Grandpa.  We don't wrap presents at all any more.  Over the last 15 years I made gift bags for veryone in the entire family.  The antlers, ear, and tail are all 3-D, not patchwork. 


December 29, 2009

Four EDM Challenges and One Daily Journal Page

My days were full the month before Christmas, with Holiday preparation and activities, and Kate's wonderful Artist's Journal Class.  I still love completing EDM Challenges, but had enough art to do each day without them.  So here are 4 that I wanted to post before the end of the year (#250, 251, 253, 254).  The only one I completed during the week it was assigned was "Draw a Pine,"     (#252)and that was possible because I brought home a pine bough from the Christmas Tree lot where we bought our Christmas tree. 

EDM #250:  Draw Something You Got for Free

I received a Christmas t-shirt last year when I made other purchases, and this is the embroidered design on the front.


EDM #251:  Draw a Perfume or Perfume Product

This is my absolute favorite body cream and I need to use it daily during the winter months.


EDM #253:  Draw a Sock

This is one from a pair of Christmas knee socks which I haven't worn in more than 15 years.  Why do I still have them??


#254:  Draw Something Joyful

We had almost 11 inches of snow last week and my husband and I walked into Central Park by 8AM to enjoy it.  I love to be out in the snow and couldn't wait to bundle up and explore our area of the Park.  This drawing is of my husband in his sheepskin coat and mittens.  I still draw and paint family members from the back ONLY!  And I love how recognizeable they are!


Yesterday I took care of two of my grandchildren in the morning and then went to W57th Street area to see the fabulous Bergdorf Goodman Holiday windows.  They are really not to be believed!  This composite page has the reindeer design from Zach's pjs that I put in his Christmas stocking and one of the very small paper cutouts from a Christmas window in the jewelry display.



December 23, 2009

My Christmas Poinsettia

Three of my grandchildren are with us while my daughter recuperates from a minor surgical procedure.  The days are full and lots of fun - yesterday we visited the art computers and their favorite places in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  While they watched the Mary Poppins movie before bed, I did a really quick painting of my Christmas poinsettia.

December 21, 2009

Daily Journal Pages

The Nutcracker Ballet, two grandchildren's birthday parties, a marathon sewing week, and a snowstorm are all behind us.  I did do daily journal pages and want to upload them before 3 of our grandchildren move in with us this afternoon until Christmas Eve.  During this time, I'll probably be drawing and painting with Sydney, so there will still be "art time."

Sydney really enjoyed the Nutcracker Ballet and loved the MOUSE KING - who was scary and attacked successfully by the toy soldiers.  Here is my painting - for her. 



A Peacock Christmas Ornament:  Finally finished the peacocks for our tree, Sydney, and Annabelle right before leaving for Syd's Birthday Party.  This year I made 3 different types of ornaments: mixed media gold Christmas Trees, dye painted giraffes, and the peacocks. 


Cal's birthday party was Saturday morning and the cake was a fabulous combination of iced robot cookies and cake.


After a wonderful walk through the fresh snow in Central Park with my husband at 8AM yesterday, I returned to finish my Christmas sewing.  Our grandson Zachary is now almost 4 months old and I needed to make him the customary family stocking and gift bag.  Here is a journal page done after I finished his gift bag last evening.


Photos of my Christmas sewing will probably appear in a later post. 

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