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EDM Challenge #159: Draw Your Favorite Kitchen Tool


I have two favorite kitchen tools.  My 36 year old Kitchenaid was posted on this blog in 2006 when I was doing my color project during yellow month.  So this time I sketched my 30 year old Cuisinart!  They are very reliable machines and have been used regularly for many years.   We don't cook as often anymore, but the Kitchenaid was used twice recently when Sydney, Henry, and I baked cookies.


Nice work, Shirley! I love the smell of bread baking in the oven.

Wow...what a testament to these two machines. You should send your drawings in to Kitchenaid and Cuisinart....sounds like the makings of a great ad campaign to me!

Wonderful sketches, Shirley. They are making my hungry! These are two of my favorite kitchen tools, though I prefer that others use them and then present me with the final goodies. Yeah, I'm lazy and greedy for goodies. :)

oh, smiles to my face. Right after the holiday baking my Aaron broke my 25 year old cuisinart. So last week Rudy bought me a new one! I broke it in by making pizza dough the other night. It's shinny and beautiful but I miss my old friend. I love your sketchs here. I bought my kitchenaid mixer about 8 years ago...it's red and I love it like an old friend now. Your yellow one is so pretty!

True friends indeed, Shirley. And a great sketching exercise. I bought my husband a Kitchenaid a couple of years ago (a black one so it didn't seem too girly) but I've always felt the same sort of guilt a bloke does when he buys his wife a chainsaw or a lawnmower!

Hey, you run a pretty industrialized kitchen. Me, I still chop everything with a knife, like grandma did in the old days. ;-)

And now your post demonstrates one advantage of modern technology: it makes for interesting EDM drawing challenges. How are a knife and a salt shaker going to compare with your lovely space age equipment?

Anyway, very nice drawings! Keep up the good work.

beautiful! and familiar! I have the same old friends in my kitchen too, and it seems like (the older my kids get) the less and less we get together to visit. Only Birthdays and Holidays anymore.. I suppose pretty soon that'll be true of the kids as well! lol

Great sketches Shirley, Women love power tools too! I thought about my Cuisinart but to be honest I do not use it often enough and I have sketched my Kitchenaid already - but these are both true work horses and make life so much easier. I love all the colors the kitchenaid comes in now and your yellow is so spring-ie!

Nice linework... I'm "of a certain age" and wondering whether it would "pay" to get a Kitchenaid. I've always made do with little handmixers. Your advice would be welcome. (I got my son and daughter-in-law a RED kitchenaid, and I think he's tricked it out with flame decals... Sounds like fun. but we DON'T need more cookies.)

Great sketches, Shirley. I love that yellow!

Your 1973 Kitchenaid is still in action? That's impressive! I was 3 years old when you bought it, and even I'm feeling my age these days!! I like your drawing of it very much: it's an object I would have imagined to be v.complicated to draw, yet you have made it look simple.

mmmmm .... baking love .... would you draw us a picture of something you've baked?

Ah, the Kitchenaid - I certainly understand the love. Mine is only two years old, and I plan to still be running (and drawing) it in 34 years! Yours is beautiful, I love the yellow.

Lovely drawings! I saw your Kitchenaid and thought, oh you have one of those new trendy things - they are so fashionable now! I bought a Kenwood Chef as all my female relatives had them and used them for years but the latest ones cannot be built to last and I wish I spent the extra and bought one of these. Lovely shading on the metal bowl.

Oh these are classic. I love that Kitchen Aid. What a sunny color to brighten up the kitchen. Nice drawings.

I have the same machine, purchased in 1980. Still going strong and has made a lot of baked goods, including muffins, breads, and cookies, altho I use the Cuisinart (same machine as you, purchased in 1982). Really like looking at your work. Drawings appear simple to do, but I think they probably take more experience than they appear to. The watercolors are nice. I work in a call center; between phone calls I have spent the last several hours going thru your blog. Thanks to Trumpetvine for referencing your blog.

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