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October 30, 2007



I was playing with Photoshop and my scan of the "Hopper" house painting I did one week ago at the National Gallery of Art - and suddenly this appeared!  I have no idea what I did, but it looked alot like a Halloween haunted house.  Happy Halloween to everyone.  I'm off early tomorrow morning to International Quilt Festival in Houston and then a meeting in Washington DC, leaving my husband home to be with our grandchildren for Halloween "trick or treating."  After one week away from my computer, I will have a full week of catch-up to do. 

EDM Challenges #142 (HOT) and 143 (SPICES)


EDM Challenge #142:  Draw Something Hot:

When I looked for something "hot" all I had to do was look at the small burns on my fingers.  I toast English muffins and bagels in a toaster oven daily - and as often as I remind myself that all parts of the appliance are HOT, I burn a finger or two! 


EDM Challenge #143:  Draw Spices or Herbs

I love cinnamon, even mixed in with my vanilla ice cream.  And I love anise - and the fascinating shape of star anise.  So it wasn't very difficult for me to quickly find spices for sketching.


October 26, 2007

Edward Hopper Exhibit at the National Gallery


Last weekend we visited our son and daughter-in-law in Washington DC and went to the Edward Hopper exhibit at the National Gallery East Wing.  It is a spectacular exhibit - including etchings, watercolors and oil paintings.  I was incredibly impressed, once again, with the contrasts he achieved between light and shadow and decided to copy the master.  This is taken from an oil painting entitled Captain Upton's House.   The exhibit is excellently captured on the National Gallery website

October 22, 2007

EDM Challenge #141: Draw Bristles


We have accumulated many unused Virgin Atlantic travel toothbrushes from our trips between London and New York last year.  They are all in the cabinet in our guest bathroom in case one of our guests forgets a toothbrush.  I love the many colors - and the toothbrush was always accompanied by travel socks and one pen in the same color in the travel pouch. 

October 18, 2007

Figure Drawing Practice: October 1-15

I continue to sketch figures - a few each week.  All of these dancers were drawn from photos.  I still don't draw any faces, but feel more comfortable with dancers bodies than I did at the beginning of 2007.  Wonder when I'll be be brave enough to try a whole person?


Bad planning on my part, so I wasn't able to fit all of the dancer on the page!   



We took our grandchildren Henry and Sydney to their soccer class last week and I sketched these soccer players from photos on their brochure.



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